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Ribbon Low Table

Price on request

A new addition to our Ribbon Collection. The Ribbon Low Table was created using hundreds of layers of ash veneer carved, shaped and stained to achieve this unique formation.


The sculptural low table evokes a sense of mystery and fluidity. There are various elements taken from eroded driftwood and the fluidity of a silk ribbon. To achieve this fluidity we wanted to combine two separate components in such a way that when one looks at the table, the movement resembles two natural waves of a ribbon uncurling. 

We intricately created a stark difference in thickness along the legs to emphasise the delicate nature of these shapes. The table’s details allow for different perspectives from every angle.

This low table is an ideal centre piece for a large living room.

Centimetres: L 139  x W 52 x H 45

Inches: L 54.7 x W 20.4 x H 17.7


Solid ash wood, ash veneers, low lustre matt finish


Production lead time: 6 - 7 weeks


Each table is unique due to its handmade nature, shapes, shades and grain vary slightly.

Handmade in the UK, in our workshop.


Care guide Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight or next to strong heat sources. Day to day cleaning: Wipe clean with soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth, then buff off with a clean, dry cloth. Wipe up wine, oil and any liquids that might stain as quickly as possible. It is important not to use any abrasive cleaning products or bleach as this could damage the protective finish.

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