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All about us

Remi Dubois Design was established by founder Remi Dubois in his home city, London. What follows is an intimate insight into his philosophy, approach to work and what drives him to design and create.

Early days

"Ever since I was at school I had a passion for Art and Design. I was able to express my creativity comfortably in many different shapes and forms.
This ever growing creative process led me to starting this business, offering people a sense of what I feel when I've created a piece of furniture."


Alongside our product range, we are always open to designing and making furniture for clients on an individual basis. 

We can also adjust the specifications of any of our products to cater to our clients specific needs. 

"Furniture is something that we all need, and can bring us a lot of joy, not only through use but also from touch and visual appreciation".


We are committed to the creation of a dynamic product range with a high regard for sustainability, design and craftsmanship.

Our design process is very much led through feeling. From the first drawings to the finishing touches.

A design will not always be finalised on the computer. It will be enhanced, studied and corrected until we recognise intuitively that we have achieved our goal. 

Our aim is for our clients to share this visual and sensory feeling.


Our emphasis, when it comes to design is to create furniture that is different, experimenting within the spectrum of art and functionality whilst focusing on the longevity of our work.

Our inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere yet we tend to focus on aspects of our beautiful natural world, organic shapes and fluid forms.


Our emotions are one of the most wonderful things about being alive. 

We build strong rooted connections with objects and belongings that we spend most days with.

Whether it be in our homes or work spaces, a piece of furniture becomes an integral part of our daily lives.


The majority of our designs reflect our inspiration of natural forms. They serve as representations of our beautiful planet and a powerful reminder to respect our environment.

This is why we are so enthusiastic about creating furniture that incorporates elements from nature, so that we can bring our natural world inside our homes and be reminded of the beauty and importance of our planet. 

"Our designs and creations embody our beautiful natural world with elements of abstraction of an organic fluid nature."


We love wood. 

Having something in our home that has been made from a beautiful tree allows the wood to continue living, through us.

We do of course work with other materials and are always interested in blending materials together to create something unique.

We source the highest quality materials and make sure that all materials are as sustainably sourced as possible. 


We very much enjoy exploring how shapes, light and shadows can bring across a different atmosphere to a room.

Our furniture is not merely functional, rather, objects that we find curious, that incorporate a sense of abstraction and find their spot amongst a family of objects.



We are strongly set on achieving a dynamic product range involving a high regard for sustainability, design and craftsmanship.


All of our furniture is designed and manufactured to be passed down generations. This is in alignment with our belief of creating as little waste as possible.


We make sure that we are as sustainable as possible throughout our processes by using certified woods and ensuring little waste and proper recycling.

Our goal is to bring across a sense of openness, stillness and presence through our designs.

This will hopefully benefit our clients in such a way that wether at work or at home, an appreciation through sculptural, natural forms can bring a feeling of content that is unique to that person and space. 


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