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Champagne low table


These 18 champagne tables were commissioned for a champagne bar in central London. 
The concept was to allow each table a space to hold a champagne bucket in the middle, whilst also being able to combine multiple tables together due to the angular nature of the design. 
This design not only saves on space, it brings people around the table in a unique sense that it allows a focal point of the champagne to be the centre of attention.

Starting price before any size/material alterations. Delivery not included in price.

Centimetres: L 90  x W 72 x H 45

Inches: L 35.4 x W 28.3 x H 17.7


MDF sprayed in matt black, steel legs powder coated in matt black


Production lead time: 4 - 6 weeks

Handmade in the UK in our workshop..

Care guide Furniture with this finish requires very little maintenance and is durable and resistant to spills. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight or next to strong heat sources. Day to day cleaning: Wipe clean with soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth, then buff off with a clean, dry cloth. Wipe up wine, oil and any liquids that might stain as quickly as possible. It is important not to use any abrasive cleaning products or bleach as this could damage the protective layer of lacquer.

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