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Shadows Drinks Cabinet

Price on request

Inspired by and designed with Japanese culture in mind, we sourced authentic Japanese Oak for this project. The singular piece resting on top was steamed bent to achieve the curvature & structure similar to the entrances to Japanese shrines and monasteries. 

The Japanese shoji paper allows for the lighting from inside of the cabinet to shine through, allowing various shadows and reflections from the coloured bottles to gently present themselves behind this subtle screen. The lighting can be changed from bright to warm white or dimmed with a remote control. 

A modernistic approach was taken with the brass slat design, creating a mirrored pattern in front and behind the shoji paper. Inside you will find a cloudy pink tinged mirror at the back which is a reflection of the cherry blossom season in Japan. One will also find a drawer with the Japanese oak left in its true form/colour as a means of respecting the nature of the wood. Although the black ink used to stain the rest of the wood enhances the grain and pattern structure of the wood wonderfully well.

Centimetres: L 83 x W 36.5 x H 172.5

Inches: L 32.6  x W 14.3  x H 67.9


Solid Japanese oak, brass, shoji paper, mirror/glass, led lighting, Indian ink, low lustre matt varnish.

Production lead time: 12 - 16 weeks


Each piece is unique due to its handmade nature, shapes, shades and grain vary slightly.

Handmade in the UK in our workshop.

Care guide Furniture with this finish requires very little maintenance and is durable and resistant to spills. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight or next to strong heat sources. Day to day cleaning: Wipe clean with soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth, then buff off with a clean, dry cloth. Wipe up wine, oil and any liquids that might stain as quickly as possible. It is important not to use any abrasive cleaning products or bleach as this could damage the protective layer of lacquer.

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